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"I love you guys!!! I always get a bump in my when I run a blackbookpromo."

-Robyn McGee, author, Hungry for More

Just the Facts

Benefits of Black Book Promo e-blasts and e-mail marketing campaigns:

  • Helps create buzz
  • Helps generate word-of-mouth sales
  • Helps drive online and in - store interest through email
  • Helps to immediately create and increase exposure globally
  • Publicize directly to black consumers and book buyers interested in black literature
  • No additional mail or telephone costs (saves money)
  • Cost effective -no direct mail or additional advertising cost
  • Saves time by reaching more people in less time
  • Builds consumer loyalty through frequent Black Book Promo contacts
  • Increases the effectiveness of your radio/TV and print advertising, promotion and publicity
  • Go for something exciting! No work involved, Black Book Promo distributes and promotes for you!
  • Be noticed by the right people. Black Book Promo reaches over 360 key and influential print and broadcast media personnel, librarians, bookstores, literary agents, editors, bookstores, book clubs, book reviewers and many more decision makers!
  • Black Book Promo subscribers want to know about your books and book related events in advance. With viral marketing an important element in marketing programs, Black Book Promo provides a forward feature so that subscribers can forward your email to others in their network. For every one email subscriber that receives your promo, it could be forwarded on to at least 10 more people! (We say, awe-inspiring!)

Get Your Black Book Promo Today!

Do it early and do it often! The Black Book Promolist grows daily. For double and triple the exposure, place promos as often as your marketing spending plan allows (we keep it affordable so you can do so). Your message is important enough, it’s worth repeating. Keep you, your brand, service, message or product on the minds of consumers. With traditional publicity, marketing and advertising opportunities, it’s not JUST about you. Your message could be overlooked because of the many other messages that are competing for a consumer’s attention at the same time. With Black Book Promo all eyes are on YOUR message as it reaches consumers email in-boxes directly.

What We Promote

  • Books (pre-publication, new releases and backlist titles)
  • Authors
  • Magazine and Book Publisher’s
  • Literary Events
  • Conferences
  • Book Fairs
  • Bookstores (author appearances, promotions, special events, etc.)
  • Author appearances, signings and book tours
  • Contests, Promotions, Give-a-ways
  • Company news (new imprints, executive changes, etc.)
  • Author news
  • Book Clubs
  • Book Marketing and PR Firms
  • Literary Entrepreneurs
  • Industry news i.e. when an author gets picked up by a publisher, new distribution deals, new imprints, etc.
  • Audio Books/CD's/DVD's

Make It Known On The Worldwide Web in THREE Easy Steps!

Step 1: Choose a Promo

Black Book Promo ™ distributes your eBlast ONE TIME to our opt-in email database of over 108,000+ via either of the following methods.
Prepay for three eBlasts, receive 4th one free. Any and all eblast space(s) purchased must be utilized within 9 months from date of purchase or eblast space(s) will be forfeited..

Web Ad
Rates when BlackBookPromo designs and distributes eblast for you.
Logo (or) photo (or) book cover graphic WITHOUT use of flash, animation and/or other features. Up to 300 words and one link.
Cost just

Limited time rate. Act now.
Rates When You Submit Ad Promo Designed by You or Your Designer
*Please see our design specs below.
Cost only

Limited time rate. Act now.

Rates When You Submit a PRE-written press release, media release, chapter excerpt, announcement or synopsis.
*Up to 500 words of text with one link. Properly spell checked and submitted in a WORD document WITHOUT picture, logo or image.
Cost only
Limited time rate. Act now.

Note: When submitting a PREdesigned web ad, please do not submit in a WORD document or copy into the email window. PREdesigns must be submitted as a JPEG attachment ready to download and distribute. (Please see BBP specs below.)

BP clients understand repetition is key to success, and continue to use our service to maximize the visibility of their book(s), book tours or events.

Please Note: Please allow up to 5-7 business days turnaround time for Designed by BBP service, and 3 to 4 business days turnaround time when submitting a PREDESIGN or Text according to our specs. Rush service may be available. Please see below. To view samples of previously created, distributed and promoted Black Book Promos, please click here.

Step 2: Submit payment

Get noticed now! With over ONE MILLION books published each year, it is critical to keep your book on the forefront of people's mind. Here's how to get started with your worldwide promo today!

  • Payment Policies: Full payment is required to set forth work involved and/or to slate your e-blast for distribution. When you are ready to move forward, please click here to request a Paypal Money Request. Serious requests only.

Step 3: Submit Text and/or Graphics

  • Have a specific font style, graphic design, layout, color choice, etc. in mind?

    TO AVOID DELAYS please read carefully.

    PREDESIGN specs are as follows:

    *Note: PREDESIGNS that are not submitted according to our specs will be returned to you for resizing.

    File Size: Maximum 299k (Sorry, no exceptions.)
    Sorry, PDF not accepted for predesigns.

    Image Size: 600 x 800

    Resolution: 72 dpi (If the resolution is higher it will make the file size too large. Please see above.)

    File Types: JPEG/GIF *JPEG Preferred

    Please note: Prior to submitting a Pre-Made/Pre-Designed Promo, we highly recommend that you test to see how it will display with the color(s), fonts and font sizes you are using. Please bear in mind during creative process that files may compress files as needed for speed of email receipt.
  • After submitting payment via PayPal according to level of service, please immediately use the following list guideline and click here to email the following information:

    Please provide Email subject line.
    For example, "Riveting NEW Novel Takes You for a Ride Through the Life of Nikki Carter!

    PayPal payment receipt ID.

    Your full name, title of Web Ad Blast, day and evening phone number in case we need to contact you.

    IF BBP is designing your Web Ad Blast, please submit JPEG of image being used, text according to level of service you selected from above in a WORD document, properly formatted and spell checked. Please double check for accuracy as we use information you provide to us as is. Please include one URL/website address for linking purposes or we will automatically link to

    IF you are submitting a PREdesign Web Ad Blast, please submit JPEG according to our specs above.

  • When BlackBookPromo designs your promo, you will receive an opportunity to preview your promo for accuracy based on written text and image provided. You will receive one round of edits for proofing text and/or image as it relates to possible errors in transmission from your documents to the service we use; any edits that are not our error will require advance billing of $25 PER edit/change.

    Note: When submitting a predesigned graphic or layout, because we do not touch, alter, edit or make changes to predesigns, you will not receive a preview notification. However, you will receive a notification of eblast when it goes out.

    Please note: In an effort to keep prices low and better serve clients, previews are not intended for creative influence from clients.

  • For rush jobs (within 3 to 5 business days), a pre-billed $50 rush fee must be included with cost of service for PREdesigned Web Ad Blasts, and a $100 rush fee must be included to cost of creative service for Designed by BBP Web Ad Blasts. Please contact us in advance to inquire about turnaround time for rush service as services are in high demand. Once submission materials and/or payment have been submitted, no refunds for any circumstances. By submitting materials and/or payment, you agree to the information, submission steps, terms, and conditions explained on this page and website.

Are you undecided?

We look forward to serving you!

We are

“Changes the Way People Stay ‘In the Know’
About Black Books, Authors & Literary Events”

About Black Book Promo

Black Book Promo
is the leading info-marcom company that leverages the power of e-mail/direct mail to deliver unforgettable info based content to consumers worldwide, and equips publishers; authors, book marketing professionals, event and conference planners, bookstores, and content owners with a cost effective, highly targeted marketing and distribution channel to instantly stimulate awareness. Black Book Promo distributes and promotes rich, visually enthralling, personalized emails containing content about black books and black book related info that its consumers have opted to know more about. Black Book Promo places the right information in front of the right person at the right time. The Black Book Promo platform gives aspiring, emerging and best-selling authors, as well as, small press, independent publishers, mid-level and large publishers a fresh new way to market and increase distribution, create awareness and build brands in the increasingly competitive publishing industry.

Our Mission ….is to expose consumers to the richness and diversity that is Black literature, while providing authors, publishers, publicists, marketing professionals, bookstore owners and event and conference planners an opportunity to stay in touch with and in front of their targeted consumer base, which allows for much easier and immediate opportunities for black book consumers to find out about books and book related news and events and take action than conventional advertising programs.

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